The Red River Valley is the setting for a rustic log cabin, home to a family with a small boy and one lazy dog. The valley is thick with forest and
    teaming with wildlife. One hot summer day, a young buck appears on the farm after escaping a wildfire. He wanders upon some sweet corn and
    slowly bonds with the family. The deer is fascinated by the colorful quilts draped across the clothesline to air. He desperately craves the warmth that
    he felt when his mother tucked him into her body. He believes the quilts could provide that warmth. If only someone would become aware of his
    yearnings. Possibly some observant person will in I'll Tuck You in, Deer.
I'll Tuck You in, Deer
Preview of "I'll Tuck You in, Deer"
    "I'll Tuck You in, Deer" is a children's picture book intended for children ages 4 to 8.   The sentimental story with an ultimately good ending will be a
    great bedtime story for parents or grandparents to read to children. Simple words and colorful pictures hold a child’s attention and make it ideal for
    an early reader.  

    The deer has lost his family and becomes an adopted pet by a new family made up of a man, woman, little boy, and one lazy dog.   The woman likes
    to make quilts and the deer becomes fascinated with the ritual of being tucked in by a quilt.  This allows you to explain to your child this ritual, as you
    read about the little boy in the story being tucked in by his parents. The story discusses the development of loving relationships, especially the man’
    s relationship with his wife, son, dog and now the deer.  Life on a tranquil farm is beautifully illustrated showing the forest, wildlife, livestock, domestic
    animals, and the fishing pond.
ISBN # 978-1419666414

           The quilts were often hung on the clothesline to allow them
    to freshen.  Heat from the sun and fanning of the wind made
    the quilts smell heavenly.

           The deer was drawn to the quilts.  He loved to watch their
    shapes sway on the clothesline.  He was fascinated with how
    the bright colors danced in the wind.  He sniffed the quilts to
    take in their divine scent.  He felt their soft textures by rubbing
    his head against them.

           One day, while enjoying the quilts, the deer’s short stub
    of an antler hooked a quilt.  He pulled and pulled to loosen
    himself from its grip.  By the time he was free, the quilt was
    torn beyond repair.

           The man found the damaged quilt still hanging on the
    line.  He placed it on the ground near the pond for the deer to
    lie on.  He hoped this would distract the deer from the other

           The man waved for the boy to join him at the pond.  The
    boy was named James after his grandfather.  He slowly
    followed the path toward his father.  The dog and young deer
    carefully walked behind.  

           The woman always watched this parade from the

           The boy daydreamed of running through the woods by
    himself with the dog and the deer.  They were going to enjoy
    many adventures.

           When the boy became tired from playing, the man placed
    him in the hammock where there was a nice breeze.  The
    man then told the boy a story that his father told him.  It did not
    take long for the boy to drift off to sleep.


           The dog would already be asleep under the hammock.  
    He liked to lie on his back with his feet up in the air, snoring

           The deer curled up nearby.



I'll Tuck You in, Deer
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