A Message of Love
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           A Message of Love takes readers on a journey back in time with Linda, all the way to 1959. Linda, then 8 years old, cherishes the
    time she spends with her grandmother as the two of them work on a memory quilt. As Granny pulls scraps of material from a box, Linda
    fills a notebook with a sample of each piece. While Linda takes careful notes in the special notebook, Granny tells a family story related
    to the scrap. From pieces of her father’s WWII fatigues, to Granny’s Pink Lady apron, to the angel costume that she wore in a school
    play, each scrap – and story – fascinates Linda and passes on the things Granny values most in life: God, family and country.
           For Linda, memories of a slower and gentler time come flooding back. She recalls singing songs and reciting nursery rhymes with
    Granny as they washed the selected material on scrub boards in the backyard, and the excitement of the quilting bee when the
    notebook was finally completed. It was a time when the small things in life were the most important; when people looked forward to their
    Saturday shopping and attending church on Sunday.
           Linda’s mind suddenly returns to the present when she remembers the stories that her grandmother told her about the quilt
    containing a message. Will Linda find a note? Or were her grandmother’s words just symbolic for the fact that the quilt had its own story
    to tell? The answer will cause Linda to follow in Granny’s footsteps with her own grandchild, and capture the hearts of readers young and
    Most families own a quilt.  Many of those quilts are family heirlooms with special meanings.  This story is about a quieter time in life
    during the 1950’s. Family values and life before high tech is displayed through beautiful illustrations.  The subtle story with a sentimental
    ending will be a great bedtime story for parents or grandparents to read to children. Simple words and colorful pictures hold a child’s
    attention and make it ideal for an early reader.  This children's picture book is for parents and grandparents with small children ages 2-8
    and early readers age 5-10.
ISBN # 978-1434348319

        Granny had a big scrap box filled with old clothing worn by
    family members.  From that box, she selected one item at a
    time to become a quilt block.  This special quilt was intended
    to bring back memories of days past.  She said it would
    contain a message of love.

           Granny always taught, “Write down the things you want to

           Granny handed Linda a small cutting off of each piece of
    material she chose.  Linda gave each quilt block its own
    page in the scrapbook.  Granny told her where the materials
    came from, and Linda made notes about them.

           “Here is my Pink Ladies apron.  I wore it when I did
    volunteer work at the hospital,” Granny stated.  She lovingly
    held the pink cloth.  

           Linda laughed loudly every time Granny said Pink
    Ladies.  She imagined ladies who were pink from head to
    toe walking around the hospital.

           “The Pink Ladies went to patients’ rooms offering them
    books,” Granny explained. “That was before television.”  

           “No television?” Linda squealed. She was shocked.  She
    made sure she wrote that down.

            Once the material for the quilt was selected, they
    washed each piece. Linda had her very own metal wash tub
    and scrub board.  She even had a clothes line that she could
    reach.  They sang songs and recited nursery rhymes as they

           After the pieces dried, Granny took them into the house
    to be ironed and cut into squares.  She put them in a box
    marked “quilt blocks”.  As she had the time, she sewed them

           When the quilt top was complete, Linda’s Grandfather
    setup a quilt frame in their living room.



A Message of Love
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