There is so much to love about the springtime. It is the season where we cherish the beauty of nature and the many things we can do while it lasts.
    In the new children’s picture book Lovely Little Lamb, kids of all ages are about to discover the many wonders of springtime through its touching

    In this book readers will meet Lovely Little Lamb, who is enjoying the spring. When he’s asked what his favorite springtime memories are, he vividly
    recalls the activities he loves the most. Colorful artworks depict his answers such as playing April Fools” Jokes on his friends, relaxing under the
    shade of the apple tree, watching baby birds learn how to fly and squirrels clean their winter homes. Through Lovely Little Lamb’s viewpoint,
    children will realize just how valuable spring really is when it comes to outdoor activities. Still one question remains: what does Lovely Little Lamb
    love the most about the season? Read the book to find out.

    This children's book is intended for ages 2-8 with 20 vivid illustrations depicting springtime.   This book will give parents and grandparents the
    opportunity to discuss what they like about the springtime with their children.  It makes a great story for a young child with the short text and vivid
    illustrations keeping their attention until the end of the book.
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Lovely Little Lamb
ISBN # 978-1-4257-9949-6
I love watching the kites zoom across the sky.
I love playing baseball with my team.
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I love taking part in the Easter Egg Roll
and Egg Hunt.
Lovely Little Lamb
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