Deep in the enchanted forest, there stood a redwood tree with a magical green door. Inside that tree, the Hidden Folk Counsel met to discuss Mel’s
    work potential. Mel, one of the hidden folk, was coming of age and ready to take a job. The Hidden Folk Counsel assigns work positions to hidden
    folk based on their personalities and talents. They listed existing Keeper positions and their associated duties. A keeper is a guardian of human
    traits and sentimental values. It is important to give the right position to the best person. The counsel noticed that Mel was always happy. Could he
    become the next Keeper of Happy Faces? Can he lift everyone’s sadness with a smile?

    A wonderful story that children will love, Keeper of Happy Faces will teach them that there is a special role for each person. The vibrant artwork
    adds appeal to this engaging tale and will be sure to capture their hearts and imagination.  

    This children's book is intended for ages 2-8. "Keeper of Happy Faces" will give parents and grandparents the opportunity to discuss human traits
    and sentimental values with their children.  It makes a great bedtime story since the short text allows you to spend as much time as you would like on
    each keeper position adding your own ideas and explanations for the illustrations.  
Keeper of Happy Faces
Preview of "Keeper of Happy Faces"
ISBN # 978-1-4257-8727-1
Could he be Keeper of Belly Button Blows?

-  reminding parents to blow on their child’s belly button, causing that awful
shrieking sound of happiness
Could he be Keeper of Faithful Dogs and Kitty’s Purrs?

- triggering all dogs to wag their tails and cats to purr
loudly, displaying the love between a pet and his owner
Could he be Keeper of Clanking Coins and Jingling Bells?

- promising that found pennies bring good luck
- adding just the right ring tone to each bell
Could he be Keeper of Hugs and Kisses?

- wrapping arms properly around a loved one
- puckering soft, puffy lips for pecks on a cheek
Keeper of Happy Faces
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