When you were a child, did you have a bedtime companion that you could not go to sleep without?  Was he soft
    and cuddly?  Did he have long arms for hugging and long ears for listening?  If you lost him, what would you
    do?  Join Austin and his Grandpa as they search frantically for Austin’s favorite stuffed bunny.  Over and over
    again, you will hear Austin say, “Where is My Bennie?”
Where is My Bennie?
Preview of "Where is My Bennie?"
    ¿Cuándo niño, tuvo un compañero para el momento de ir a la cama, sin el cuál no podía dormir? ¿Era suave y
    encantador? ¿Tenía largos brazos para abrazar y largas orejas para escuchar? ¿Si lo hubiera perdido, qué
    hubiera hecho? Acompaña a Austin y su Abuelo en su búsqueda frenética del conejo de peluche favorito de
    Austin. Una y otra vez, oirás a Austin preguntar, “¿Dónde está Mi Bennie?”
       “Where is my Bennie?” This is a young boy’s first question when he awakes from a nap to discover one of his
    most prized possessions missing: his stuffed blue bunny, Bennie. Bennie had been in his arms when Austin fell
    asleep – he can’t sleep without him – but is now nowhere to be found.
        With beautiful color illustrations and a fun, engaging story, Where is My Bennie? follows Austin and his
    grandpa as they try to solve the mystery of the missing bunny. Children will delight in knowing all along that
    while Austin was napping, his grandma and grandpa’s Brittany spaniel, Hunter, slipped into his room and
    snatched Bennie.  Austin and Grandpa search everywhere. They find lots of missing things – Grandma’s
    slipper, Grandpa’s cup, Hunter’s bone – but no Bennie.
         Fortunately, Grandma arrives back from her trip to town just in time. She knows Hunter’s secret hiding
    places and, noticing that he looks a little guilty, decides to investigate his kennel. Sure enough, Grandma pulls
    Bennie from the stuffed-animal-loving dog’s cage. His ear is torn, but he is otherwise unscathed, and Grandpa,
    Grandma, Austin and Bennie all share a big group hug.
           Every small child has a favorite toy and can easily imagine how they would feel if it were lost. This personal
    relationship with the subject matter, along with the subtle mystery of Austin’s missing toy,
    Hunter’s visible involvement and the ultimately happy ending, makes "Where is My Bennie?" a delightful
    bedtime story for parents or grandparents to read to their children age 2-8.

    This book is also available in a Spanish language version.  Using both versions of the book
    together would be a great way to help small children and maybe even adults learn something about
    another language.
ISBN # 978-1434316554


           Bennie was Austin’s favorite stuffed
    bunny.  He was blue with floppy ears, arms,
    being the bedtime companion for Austin.  

         Austin could not go to sleep without his

         Mommy went to the living room and found
    Bennie on the sofa.  She did not want
    Grandma and Grandpa to have to hear,

         “Where is my Bennie?”

           With a full tummy and a quiet house,
    Austin was ready for his nap.  Grandma knew
    how important Bennie was, so she unpacked
    him and handed him to Austin.     

         Austin turned over during his nap and lost
    his grip on Bennie.

         Hunter sneaked up to the side of the bed.  
    He spied Bennie on Austin’s arm.  He tilted
    his head slowly from side to side.  He was
    examining what he wanted to snatch.  

         Hunter carefully climbed onto the bed.  He
    gently moved in a crouching position.  He
    quickly claimed the stuffed animal as his

         Hunter hid Bennie in a secret hiding

         No one saw Hunter’s actions.  

bathroom for the missing Bennie.  

         They found a hand towel that Austin gave
    Grandma stuffed in the back of a drawer.

         “Grandma will be glad we found her
    towel!”  Austin exclaimed.  “I’ll wrap my
    scared Bennie up in it once we find him.  We
    are going to find him?  Right, Grandpa?”  
    Austin trembled in fear as he spoke.

         They also looked in the dirty clothes
    hamper.  Maybe Bennie got mixed in with the
    stinky, dirty clothes.

         Austin again asked,

         “Where is my Bennie?”
Where is My Bennie?
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